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Steady Property Value Gains in the High Desert

By Bob Dutton, San Bernardino County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk

As businesses and residents continue to be priced out of Southern California’s coastal communities, San Bernardino County is experiencing strong eco­nomic growth. There is a slight uptick in commercial construction, residential construction, and new transfers in prop­erty ownership. Housing affordability is a key factor in the large number of people moving to the Inland Empire. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, from 2016-2017 San Bernardino County added 20,000 new residents. More peo­ple are buying homes in San Bernardino County or opening up a small business. With such increases, steady property value gains are being experienced in our region.

State law requires the office of the As­sessor to locate and identify all taxable properties to establish their assessed values. My goal as County Assessor is to ensure that property owners are not being over-assessed. Every year my of­fice works diligently to fairly and accu­rately appraise over 800,000 parcels in San Bernardino County.

2017’s Annual Property Assessment Roll showcased a number of positive attributes, some never before seen in our county. In 2017 the Roll contained 810,304 taxable parcels, valued at $206,576,804,207. The county’s total property valuation grew 6.1% as compared to the 2016 Assessment Roll. Notably, this is the first time in the county’s history that total assessed value of all property surpassed the $200 billion mark.


In some portions of the High Desert, there was much higher growth. Accord­ing to the 2017s Annual Property As­sessment Roll:

  • The City of Adelanto’s total property is valued at $1,941,513,249. The val­ue is a 6.4% increase from the 2016 Assessment Roll.
  • The City of Apple Valley’s total property is valued at $5,646,168,002. The value is a 5.3% increase from the 2016 Assessment Roll.
  • The City of Barstow’s total property is valued at $1,286,061,810. The val­ue is a 7.8% increase from the 2016 Assessment Roll.
  • The City of Hesperia’s total property is valued at $5,683,417,520. The val­ue is a 6.5% increase from the 2016 Assessment Roll.
  • The City of Victorville’s total prop­erty is valued at $8,259,259,319. The value is a 4.5% increase from the 2016 Assessment Roll.

Growing property values are a sign of a strong local economy. However, there are still many hurdles that our county faces. According to the Building Indus­try Association of Southern California, issues include a high poverty rate of 19.5%, an estimated housing shortage of 65,000 homes in San Bernardino County by 2019, and government road­blocks at the state and local levels.

Creating acces­sible, good-paying jobs is one step in addressing poverty. State lawmakers, however, continue to overtax Californians and businesses at some of the highest rates in the nation. Removing business tax burdens would help entice more employers to create good, local jobs in the Inland Empire. Another step would be to remove bur­densome local and state regulations and reforming the California Environmental Quality Act to mitigate lengthy envi­ronmental impact studies. Such actions would help boost the building process of new homes and commercial buildings to meet the increasing housing demands in San Bernardino County.

As San Bernardino County’s Assessor- Recorder-Clerk, and a member of the California Assessors’ Association Legislative Committee, I am committed to working with colleagues to develop and support legislation which encourages economic growth. If you have any questions or wish to see personal assessed values of your property, visit my website at: and click on the Online Services, Property Information Management System link. You can also call our toll-free number at 1-877-885-7654.