Publisher’s Message – Spring 2018

Joseph W. Brady

Sunday, May 13, 2018, marked the 30th year that I have resided in the High Desert region. As publisher of The Bradco High Desert Report, the longest standing economic overview of the High Desert region, my first trip to the High Desert region was on Saturday, September 1, 1986.

As Vice President of Pegasus Devel­opment (Santa Barbara) my former employer, Mr. Marc Logan, President of Pegasus Development, asked me to take a look at the High desert region and all its attributes that drove legend­ary homebuilders such as Mr. Ira Nor­ris (deceased) of Inco Homes, etc., to discover the High Desert region and what a great place it is to live, work, and to do business.

Thirty years later we now prepare for the 57th edition of The Bradco High Desert Report, which began in May of 1993. This publication would not have been successful without the continued support, help, and determination of Dr. Alfred Gobar, the Chairman-Emeritus of Alfred Gobar and Associates, who continues to win his battle with cancer, who used to work with his doctors in maintaining his lifestyle in retirement, and spending the majority of his days stock trading.

We continually talk to Dr. Gobar and encourage him in his struggles. I love his sense of humor, his vision and, most importantly, his stories. If you wish to reach out to him directly, please do so by sending him an email at

The High Desert economy continues to improve, and I do apologize that it has been nearly 10 months since our last publication, but rather than putting out a publication for publications sake (we have put out 56 so far and put nearly 300,000 copies worldwide) we wanted to be sure we had the right information from all of our sponsors and article suppliers.

We wish to re-welcome Mr. John Mul­ville, Regional Director for Metro Study, the country’s largest consult­ing group that deals with new housing throughout the country. I recently heard Mr. Mulville speak to the Building In­dustry Association, Baldy View Chap­ter, (they held their annual conference here in the High Desert region), under the leadership of Mr. Carlos Rodriguez, their Executive Director, and Mr. Mul­ville, like usual, gave a great overview. Welcome back, John.

I would also like to recognize our long-term friend Ms. Violette Roberts, the Community Relations and Education Manager for the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District, who recently retired from this great agency. Her last article is included. Stepping in to fill some very big shoes is Mr. Ryan Orr, whom I have known for many, many years. He is a great future leader and a great writer, Mr. Orr has recently hired a long-time and well-known local writer, Mr. Martial Haprov. Martial congratulations on your new job and welcome aboard, Mr. Ryan Orr.

Over the years I have heard from Mr. E. Lamont Cosby, who talks about cost segregation and accounting, depre­ciation, etc. This is a very important subject as far as the Internal Revenue Service is conserned. I welcome Mr. Cosby’s article.

I hear from both First District Supervi­sor and Chairman of The San Bernar­dino County Board of Supervisors, Mr. Robert Lovingood, about the reality of crime, (nationally and locally) and have a great update from Mr. Paul Gra­nillo, President and CEP of the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, IEEP.

I wish to thank Mr. Douglas S. Smith, Assistant Executive Director of La­hontan Regional Water Control Board (a very important agency regulating underground water supplies in the rural areas in California), as well as Mr. Tim Watkins, Chief of Legislative and Public Affairs for SBCTA (San Beranrdino County Associates Governments). Congratulatons, Time, to you your staff, and your great Board of Directors, on not only your name change but how you help us expandour roads and transportation networks throughout our country.

I wish to welcome Ms. Sharon Page of HR Edge. Sharon is well known throughout the High Desert region as HR Expert, and we asked her to bring us into the 21st Century with the ongoing regulations in the State of California and nationally. Thank you, Sharon, for all your help.

I always appreciate the work of our 8th Congressional Congressman, Co. Paul Cook (ret.), who represents a very large Congressional District. Thanks, Congressman Cook for all the work you are doing for our military, our veterans, and those helping to keep our country safe.

It’s the first time we have an article from Ms. Lisa Skeels that discusses the aviation pathways project with ComAv, one of the High Desert’s successful job creator at Southern California Logistics Airport with nearly 250 employees, the average wage is nearly $90,000 and we congratulate Mr. Craig Garrick, its founder and President for all the work that you do and all the contributions that you make to the many groups that you help including Victor Valley Community College Foundation, etc.

During the last ten years, there have been may questions about the San Bernardino County Housing Authority, their impacts on Section 8 Housing, etc. I can tell you that I have personally met with their leadership, I have met with some of their Board Members, and I have asked them to answer some very candid questions. I applaud their hon­esty, transparency and candor and wish to recognize one of our local leaders, Ms. Caroll Yule, partner in Shear Real­ty, the High Desert’s largest residential brokerage company, for her leadership role in this group.

I wish to thank Ms. Yvonne Hester with the Mojave Water Agency, Ms. Marika Erdely, CEO of Green EconoME, and speaking about the energy disclosures that are required, our great Assembly­man Jay Obernolte, VVTA (Victor Val­ley Transit Authority) under the leader­ship of Mr. Kevin Kane, and the article supplied by Mr. Fidel Gonzalez. If you ever want to understand the United States Constitution, go to a lunch that is hosted by Senator Mike Morrell. Mr. Morrell represents the 23rd District in California, and he is one of the great­est assets that our state and our coun­try have. Mike, I could listen to you for hours. You are a true stateman and someone who truly appreciates the United States of America, its Constitu­tion and what our forefathers expect for us to do.

Many thanks to CalTrans for their up­dates. The High Desert region is very dependent upon CalTrans, and the great leadership of Mr. John Bulin­ski, Executive Director or this agency. CalTrans has many projects throughout the High Desert region, including the widening of Highway 138, the D Street Interchange project, etc.

The local county school superintendent, Mr. Ted Alejandre, ran unopposed in the June 5th primary. That should tell you that he is doing a great job, as is Assessor Bob Dutton, the San Bernar­dino County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk. I wish to thank both of you personally and professionally for the great work that you do, the leadership roles that you take and how much you truly are dedicated public servants.

Pay special attention to Senator Scott Wilk’s column, “High Desert isn’t your dumping ground, California; time for change in inmate placement.” This is a very serious issue that not only impacts the High Desert portion but impacts many places in California.

I also wish to thank Mr. Marc Cam­popiano, Ms. Jennifer Roy, and Mr. Joshua T. Bledsoe of the Bureau of Land Management, Latham and Wat­kins, Mr. Robert Sewell, the great Pub­lic information Officer and Director of Marketing (the man who wears 20 hats at Victor Valley Community College District), which is helping us now en­joy our year. I am incredibly humbled and happy to be a Trustee at this very fine institution.

I would like to thank Ms. Melissa Radeka with CoStar for allowing us to supply the most accurate information about the industrial market within the High Desert region.

As a Trustee at Victor Valley Com­munity College District, I wholeheart­edly support our youth and educational system and would like to congratulate Enrique Arcilla, winner of the Victor Valley Libertarian Alliances Brushfire of Freedom $1,000 scholarship for his outstanding essay titled “Overreach, the Constitution, and Theft of Legisla­tive Power: Tyranny Sprouts Anew.” Enrique will continue his studies in in­ternational development and econom­ics at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England next year. We wish him well.

Lastly, I wish to thank our five (5) local cities (Adelanto, Barstow, Hesperia, Victorville, and the Town of Apple Val­ley) for their continual support of the Bradco High Desert Report.

Our great writers include Mr. Logan Olds of VVWRA (Victor Valley Waste Water Reclamation Authority), a former Associate of The Bradco Companies, Mrs. Kathryn Tong, who is now associ­ated with Welfont Commercial, a com­pany that has a great amount of benefit in the sale of real estate for certain types of sellers of high end property and high net worth individuals who are taking a very close look at 1031 exchanges but, more importantly, a very old IRS rule, the IRS 170 Bargain Sale.

As publisher of this publication, if I can be of any personal assistance in answering any questions that you have, or if you have any suggestions about how we can make this publication even bigger and better, please feel free to call me at my office at (760) 951-5111 x 101. You may call me during the daytime between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, on my cell phone, (760) 954-4567 or email me at If you email me, please be sure to note in the subject line: Bradco High Desert Report/ “Your Comment.”