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Caltrans Continued Work on High Desert Routes


By Tyeisha Prunty – Public Information Officer, Caltrans
By Joy Schneider – Public Information Officer, Caltrans

Caltrans continues work on Interstate 15 (I-15), and state routes SR 58, 138, and 395 through­out the High Des­ert to improve and upgrade the transpor­tation system to accommodate the rapid growth in the region. Projects such as the State Route 138 East Realignment and State Route 58 Kramer Junction, will provide motorists with a smoother driver surface and more enjoyable driv­ing experience.

Devore Interchange Project

The $324 million Interstate 15 (I-15)/In­terstate 215 (I-215) Devore Interchange Project was completed in November 2017. The project added truck by-pass lanes in each direction of I-15, added additional general use lanes in each direction, brought the I-15/I-215 inter­change up to operational standards, and addressed the arterial highways network deficiencies—specifically reconnecting State Route 66 (Cajon Boulevard).

I-15 Cajon Pass Pavement Rehabili­tation Project

The $121 million I-15 Cajon Pass Pave­ment Rehabilitation Project is nearing completion—the contractor is finishing up punch list items (minor tasks to be completed at the end of a project). The project, which is strictly pavement re­habilitation, resurfaced and restored the pavement between Kenwood Avenue and the Hesperia Overhead, which pro­vides approximately a 40-year life to the pavement through the Cajon Pass. Project features include the replace­ment of two outer lanes in both direc­tions of I-15, random slab replacements at various locations, on/off-ramp pave­ment rehabilitation, and future median striping—to be used for high occupancy vehicles or toll lanes.

I-15 Stoddard Wells, D & E Street Inter­change Project

The $80 million I-15 Stoddard Wells, D & E Street Interchange Project will con­struct new interchanges at D and E Street in the City of Victorville. The project also constructs new bridges and ramps on I-15 at Stoddard Wells, D Street, and E Street. In addition, the project will construct a new frontage road and auxil­iary and deceleration lanes.

Currently, crews are working on dirt hauling, surveying, drainage, retain­ing walls, and utility relocation work. Additionally, they are working on the widening of the Mojave River Bridge, the Victorville separation & overhead Bridge, and the Stoddard Wells Bridge widening.

The project was awarded to Ames Con­struction, Inc. and began in March 2016. It is estimated to be completed in Sep­tember 2019.

SR-58 Hinkley Expressway Project

The $120 million State Route 58 (SR- 58) Hinkley Expressway Project was completed in December 2017. The project widened and realigned a portion of SR-58 from a two-lane conventional highway to a four-lane expressway, ex­tending from approximately 2.4 miles west of Hidden River Road to approxi­mately 0.7 mile east of Lenwood Road, near the unincorporated community of Hinkley in San Bernardino County.

The project included construction of two interchanges on the widened and realigned portion of SR-58; one at Hin­kley Road and the other at Lenwood Road. All entrance ramps in both direc­tions now have two lanes at the local road and transition to a single lane prior to merging onto the expressway. All exit ramps now have three-way stops at the exit ramp intersections with the lo­cal road.

SR-58 Kramer Junction

Construction of the $190.8 million Kramer Junction Expressway Project recently began in December 2017. The project is located in the county of San Bernardino near the Kern County line and extends 7.5 miles east of US High­way 395. The project realigns a four-lane divided expressway in order to al­leviate some of the congestion caused by the current lane configuration. The project also constructs a railroad grade separation at the east end of the project and a new SR-58/US-395 interchange. The project is scheduled for completion late 2020.

SR-138 (West) Widening Project

The SR-138 (West) Widening Project is nearing completion. Crews are currently working on punch list items—final sig­nage, pavement smoothness, and plant establishment. The project is approxi­mately 97% complete.

The project widened SR-138 to four lanes, with a 14-foot median buffer from Phelan Road to Interstate 15. The project upgraded roadway shoulders to current standards, extended drainage, and constructed wildlife-crossing struc­tures.

The $52.1 million dollar project was awarded to Flatiron Construction Corp. The project began in February 2015 and is expected to be completed by Novem­ber 2018.

SR-138 (East) Realignment Project

The $23 million SR-138 (East) Realign­ment Project is a 2.1 mile project that will realign SR-138 from 1.9 miles east of I-15 to just west of Summit Post Of­fice Road. It will re-construct a two-lane, paved section of highway with outside shoulders, three wildlife cross­ings and an off-highway-vehicle cross­ing north of the current alignment.

Currently, crews are working on bridge structures, drainage, the last 2,500 feet of new roadway, and abandoning the current SR-138 roadway.

The project is estimated to be complete by late August 2018.

US Highway 395 Median Buffer—North

The $17.3 million US Highway 395 (US-395) Median Buffer—North project is scheduled to begin winter 2018. The project was awarded to Sully-Mill­er Contracting Co. The project will construct a four-foot median buffer and widen the existing shoulder to eight feet (width). The project will also add cen­terline and shoulder rumble strips, and various passing zones will be eliminated. The project limits are 2.5 miles north of Kramer Hills to the SR-58/US-395 Junction. The project is expected to be complete by winter 2019.

US Highway 395 Median Buffer—South

The US Highway 395 (US-395) Median Buffer—South project is currently in the Right-of-Way Phase. The project proposes to construct a four-foot median buffer and widen the existing shoulders to eight feet (width). The project also proposes to add centerline and shoulder rumble strips and eliminate various passing zones. The project limits are 1 miles south of Kramer Hills to 2.6 miles north of Kramer Hills. The project is anticipated to go out for bid by summer 2018.