Publisher’s Message-2017

Joesph W. Brady Headshot

Joseph W. Brady, CCIM, SIOR

Having begun our first edition of the Bradco High Desert Report in May of 1993, how could we ever have thought that in 2017 we would be preparing for the 56th Edition of this publication?

First, I wish to welcome our current, future, and long-standing subscribers and sponsors of the 56th Edition of The Bradco High Desert Report, the first and only full economic overview of the High Desert region, covering the North­ern portion of San Bernardino County and,most specifically, the Cities of Ad­elanto, Barstow, Hesperia, Victorville, and the Town of Apple Valley.

For those who continuously inquire into the medical condition of our original ed­itor, Dr. Alfred Gobar, he continues “to beat cancer,” continues to work with his doctors in maintaining his lifestyle in retirement, and spending all day doing “stock trading.” We talk to Dr. Gobar frequently, and we strongly encourage those who wish to reach out to him to send an email at:

While the economy continues to im­prove within the High Desert region, we are increasingly busy on the leasing and selling side of commercial, industrial, office, and land within our region. I do apologize that we have gone nearly ten (10) months since the last edition of our last publication.

Family issues and a battle with prostate cancer have taught me a greater appre­ciation for life, my family and friends, and those who we interact with on a dai­ly basis. On a sad note, during the last ten (10) months, we have lost some ad­ditional great friends in the High Desert region that include the following:

Mr. Ernest Scott, Ms. JoAnn Kroencke, Ms. Jeannie A. Kramer, Ms. Evelyn B. Betterly, Mr. Kenneth Adams, Ms. Car­ol Jean Randall, Mr. Eugene “Gene” W. Gregory, Mr. Michael Matthew Sabicer, Ms. Janice Lynn Olson, Mr. Malvin Lee, Ms. Carol Colene and Mr. Richard Gene, just to name a few.

I think we all agree we live in a very fast-paced society anymore, and from time to time it is time to reflect on the importance of our family, our friends, our relationships, and the great opportu­nities that life has to offer.

I would like to welcome and thank many of our article suppliers who continuous­ly support our efforts to prompt the High Desert region. We are extremely excited to introduce Ontario International Air­port Authority, an article by Mr. Daniel Adamus, MPA and Chief Marketing Of­ficer of this truly exceptional economic asset located in Ontario, California.

If you have never flown in or out of On­tario, I strongly urge you to do so. Now the airport is controlled by a local entity, and I believe that reading this article will be very exciting to everyone who has any understanding of the long battle it took to gain that control.

Not only do we wish to welcome Ontar­io as a continued contributing member of the nearly 140 article suppliers that we can rely on to write articles, I wish to welcome the Executive Staff, including their CEO Mr. Kelly Fredericks. Con­gratulations to the Ontario City Council and the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, and all of the Elected Officials and Private Sector Leaders who pushed so hard for the control of this new asset.

With a special note, First District Su­pervisor Robert A. Lovingood has now become Chairman of the County of San Bernardino, the largest-sized county in the lower forty-eight (48) states. It is not often that the First District has such a leadership role, and we congratulate Mr. Lovingood and his staff for what they do in making the High Desert region a better place to live, work, and play.

Included with some of our exciting ar­ticles is an update for the Cadiz Water Project (in the Amboy, Bolo Station (area) of San Bernardino County). We also wish to welcome Mr. Brad Poiriez, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Man­agement District.

We have always been very appreciative to the Mojave Desert Air Quality Man­agement District, who has been one of our supporters from the very beginning.

We wish to re-welcome Ms. Louisa L. Miller, Business Consultant for the In­land Empire Small Business Center, which is an integral part in helping small businesses grow and understand the process of building business plans, obtaining loans, and working with the landlords in making a successful busi­ness decision.

We also wish to thank Colonel Paul Cook (RET.), our 8th Congressional District Congressman, who represents our area so well with his article.

Article suppliers include 23rd State Senatorial District Senator Mr. Mike Murrell, San Bernardino County Super­intendent of Schools Mr. Ted Alejandre, 33rd District State of California Assem­blyman Jay Obernolte.

We wish to congratulate Mr. Logan Olds, General Manager of the Victor Valley Waste Water Reclamation Au­thority, and his Board of Directors for completing the upper narrows emer­gency pipeline project, a very large and expensive undertaking.

We wish to welcome back Victor Valley Transat Authority, and the Inland Em­pire Economic Partnership, as well as an article from Mr. Bryan W. Ryman, Co-Chair of the Victor Valley Libertarian Alliance, who gives a different type of angle on government within California, as well as some potential solutions.

We appreciate the insight in this newslet­ter by Mr. Bob Dutton, our San Bernar­dino County Assessor. Our newly elect­ed State Senator Scott Wilk includes a very exciting article (albeit short), and Mr. Paul A. Courtney, a highly-respect­ed businessman within the High Desert and Barstow region, who has recently completed construction and revital­ization of a project in Barstow for his Entrepreneur Resource Center on Main Street. Congratulations, Mr. Courtney. I am proud to call you my friend.

We wish to welcome Mr. Scott Dickinson, Executive Vice President of The Browning Automotive Group, in conjunction with the great leader that he works for, Mr. Kent Browning, who is making a major financial investment in the High Desert by major redevelopment of the Valley-Hi Toyota Dealership along Valley Center Drive.

As well as congratulations to Ms. Sheri Davis of the Inland Empire Film Servic­es and her partner, Mr. Dan Taylor, for their newly formed organization.

I read a book recently that I strongly encourage all of our readers to read, the title is Big Shifts Ahead. I want to personally thank Mr. Chris Porter and Mr. John Burns, both highly recognized officials in the economic industry, for writing a book that I highly recommend anyone who is in the real estate business to read.

Lastly, I wish to thank our five (5) lo­cal Cities (Adelanto, Barstow, Hesperia, Victorville, and the Town of Apple Val­ley) for their continual support of the Bradco High Desert Report.

As Publisher of this publication, if I can be of any personal assistance in answer­ing any questions that you have, or if you have any suggestions about how we can make this publication even big­ger and better, please feel free to call me at my office at (760) 951-5111 x 101. You may call me during the days on my cell phone between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time at (760) 954-4567, or email me at If you email me, please be sure to note in the subject line: Bradco High Desert Report/ “Your Comment.”

Thank you.