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Caltrans Continues Work in the High Desert


By Joy M. Schneider – Public Information Officer, Caltrans

Caltrans contin­ues work in the High Desert to improve and up­grade the trans­portation system to accommodate the rapid growth in the region. The area continues to see heavy goods movement, as well as conges­tion from commuters and recreational adventurers traveling to Las Vegas, the Colorado River and points north.

Projects at the Devore Interchange, in the Cajon Pass and throughout the High Desert will allow for a more enjoyable ride for commuters and travelers.

Devore Interchange Project

Work on the $324 million Interstate 15 (I-15)/Interstate 215 (I-215) Devore Interchange Project is complete. The project added a truck by-pass lane and an additional lane in each direction, brought the interchange up to operation­al standards, as well as addressed the ar­terial highways network deficiencies—specifically, the reconnection of Route 66 (Cajon Boulevard).

A ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the project was held on May 20, 2016.

I-15 Cajon Pass Pavement Rehabilitation Project

The I-15 Cajon Pass Pavement Rehabil­itation Project is nearing completion—the contractor is finishing up punch list items (minor tasks to be completed at the end of a project). The project, which is strictly pavement rehabilita­tion, will resurface and restore the pave­ment between Kenwood Avenue and the Hesperia Overhead, which will pro­vide approximately a 40-year life to the pavement through the Cajon Pass.

SR-138 Widening (West) Project

Crews continue work on the State Route (SR-138) Widening (West) Project; cur­rently they are working on the pavement on the south side of SR-138, as well as the Sheep Creek Bridge. The project is approximately 62% complete.

The project will widen SR-138 to four lanes, with a 14-foot median buffer from Phelan Road to Interstate 15. The project will also upgrade shoulders to current standards, extend drainage (as necessary) and construct a wildlife-crossing structure.

The $52.1 million project was awarded to Flatiron Construction Corp. and be­gan in February 2015. It is estimated to be completed in August 2017.

SR-138 Widening (East) Project

The SR-138 Widening (East) Project is a 2.1 mile project that will realign SR-138 from 1.9 miles east of I-15 to just west of Summit Post Office Road. It will also construct two-lane, paved sections of highway with outside shoul­ders, three wildlife crossings and an off-highway vehicle crossing.

Currently, crews are working to clear the project limits to prepare for drainage work, the temporary construction detour and new roadway.

The project is needed because the ex­isting configuration has many non-standard, steep horizontal and vertical curves and grade. There are no paved shoulders and narrow or non-existent earth shoulders, as well as few turnouts and no passing opportunities. This proj­ect will improve operational efficiency, traffic safety and will also upgrade and widen the existing lanes and shoulders to current standards.

The project is estimated to be complete in late August 2018.

SR-58 Hinkley Expressway Project

The $120 million State Route 58 (SR-58) Hinkley Expressway Project is ap­proximately 90% complete. Crews are currently paving the new roadbed for the expressway and finalizing the work on the bridges and ramps.

Ultimately, the project will widen and realign a portion of State Route 58 (SR-58) from a two-lane conventional high­way to a four-lane expressway, extend­ing from approximately 2.4 miles west of Hidden River Road to approximately 0.7 mile east of Lenwood Road, near the unincorporated community of Hinkley in San Bernardino County.

The project will include construction of two interchanges on the widened and realigned portion of SR-58: one at Hinkley Road and the other at Lenwood Road. All entrance ramps (westbound and eastbound) will have two lanes at the local road and will transition to a single lane prior to merging onto the expressway. All exit ramps will have three-way stops at the exit ramp inter­sections with the local road. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps will be included.

The project includes access to non-motorized transportation modes (e.g., pedestrian/bikes/equestrian) by provid­ing six-foot wide sidewalks, as well as standard eight-foot shoulders across the two overcrossing bridges at Lenwood and Hinkley Roads. A short length of the existing SR-58 at the east end of the project is proposed to be realigned to tie in to the Lenwood Road west­bound entrance and exit ramps. The widened and realigned ex­pressway is planned to be on a fill section (elevated sections of a roadway). All locations with large vertical surfaces (i.e., re­taining walls and bridge struc­tures) will include aesthetic/ar­chitectural treatment to prevent graffiti.

Substantial completion is esti­mated for summer 2017.

I-15 Stoddard Wells, D & E Street Interchange Project

The $74 million I-15 Stoddard Wells, D & E Street Interchange Project will construct new interchanges, bridges and ramps on I-15 at Stoddard Wells, D Street and E Street.

The project was awarded to Ames Con­struction, Inc. and began in summer 2015. It is estimated to be complete in early 2019.

Currently, crews are performing dirt hauling, surveying and utility work. Additionally, the widening of the Mo­jave River Bridge is underway.

Kramer Junction (SR-58 & US-395)

The $101 million Kramer Junction Ex­pressway Project is currently in the plan­ning phase. The project will construct a four-lane divided expressway in order to alleviate some of the congestion caused by the current lane configuration.

The project is scheduled to begin con­struction in late 2017 or early 2018.

Caltrans is committed to delivering quality projects that will enhance the transportation infrastructure in the High Desert. Providing a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system to enhance California’s economy and livability is Caltrans’ top priority.