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The High Desert’s Population Decline Appears To Be Substantially Overstated

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By Ronald J. Barbieri, Ph.D., CPA
February 9, 2012

Population estimates by Nielsen/Claritas indicate the Population of the High Desert declined from a high of 443,516 as of January 1, 2009 to 421,712 as of January 1, 2011. If the estimates are correct it would represent a population decrease of 21,804 or 4.9% over the two year period, which is significant.  The estimated loss in population in 2009 was 12,721 compared to 9,083 in 2010.  The rate of decline has diminished somewhat in the second year; but it is still large enough to raise concerns that the population may have continued shrinking in 2011, because of the lack of job formation in the Inland Empire.  When the population estimates by Nielsen/Claritas at the beginning of 2009 are compared to the 2010 U.S.… Read the full article