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Education General

The Lewis Center a Strong Educational Foundation

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By Rick Piercy
CEO & President of the Lewis Center for Educational Research

Across from my house a school is under construction, and for the past several months I’ve watched as earth was removed, returned, compacted, smoothed and leveled to exact specifications. It was dug up again as conduit was laid, rebar placed, and footings poured. It has been months of exacting work after countless months of planning, engineering, and review. In the end the foundation that has been so meticulously laid will be hidden from view. It will be covered with walls, floors, roofing, and furniture, yet by all accounts it is the most important part of the building; on this all else will be measured. If the foundation lacks integrity the building’s integrity will come into question.… Read the full article

Education General

San Bernardino County Schools Preparing Students for the 21st Century Global Community

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By Gary S. Thomas, Ed.D.
County Superintendent

As I start my first full term as San Bernardino County superintendent, I remain inspired by the teaching and learning that takes place in classrooms throughout our communities to prepare our students for this world. I am appreciative to county voters for their confidence and humbled to serve another four years. I am moved by the dedication and collaboration of so many to see that all of our students have access to high quality and innovative educational opportunities in which learning can flourish. Our region, including the High Desert, should be encouraged by the tremendous strides made by students, staff, and families to raise student performance, close achievement gaps, and improve dropout rates. Educators in our county remain dedicated to overcoming the impediments our schools, students, and families face, and seizing the opportunities before us with boldness and renewed sense of purpose and direction.… Read the full article


Victor Valley College’s Public Safety Training Center Offers Wide Ranging Opportunity

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By Bill Gruelich

Described as a “Village Under One Roof,” the Victor Valley College’s Public Safety Training Center will open its doors in February 2012 to a new world of opportunity for students. Who are these students? They are our country’s future first responders, disaster preparedness proponents, public safety officers, and community leaders.

It is the goal of the faculty in the public safety sector to train and qualify these students to be uniquely capable of competing for high paying jobs in our communities and across the country because they will receive an all encompassing, real-life, cross-discipline training that will combine elements of fire, EMT, paramedics, administration of justice, SWAT, and corrections. This multi-agency approach to disaster training is unique in its approach because it will occur under one roof.… Read the full article

City Updates General

Adelanto City Update

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By Mike Borja, Management Analyst
City of Adelanto

Adelanto has been greatly impacted by the recent economic downturn; however some projections indicate that the city will rebound.

The current situation of the City of Adelanto:

  • Adelanto has great potential
  • The city has improved its image
  • The city has taken on an aggressive approach to attracting new business
  • Adelanto has a new economic development plan

Ultimately, the city has to improve its economic position in the marketplace and establish a benchmark from which to grade the effort moving forward.

The long-term goals include: elevated image, awareness, and overall appeal of the City of Adelanto.

Our marketing objectives follow accordingly:

  • To generate private development revenue and community support in implementing a long-range economic strategy plan
  • Improve the quality of life for our residents
  • Improve the perception and success of local business and potential redevelopment partners


Adelanto is a city of open spaces, open minds and open hearts.… Read the full article

City Updates General

Victorville city Update

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By Bernie Calderon, Management Technician
City of Victorville Economic Development Department 


The Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) has continued its growth as a business and logistics park. Over 2,500 jobs have been created since its inception. Major industry leaders such as Boeing, General Electric, Newell Rubbermaid, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group call SCLA home. Many companies continue to show their interest in SCLA as a potential home for their operations.


Exquadrum Corporation chose to move its operations to SCLA for its defense product testing. As a former air force base SCLA provided availability of bunkers, which was a major attraction for the company. Exquadrum has worked with the Department of Defense in the past on various innovations that are still used today.… Read the full article

City Updates General

Primed and Empowered for Prosperity, Hesperia Courts New Business and Industry Hesperia City Update

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By Lisa K. LaMere
Economic Development Analyst

With strong economic indicators in its favor and having developed a diverse toolkit of business friendly programs and strategies, the economic development team for the city of Hesperia is primed for prosperity. They’ve done their homework and they’ve rallied the economic fates and forces and as a result, they now have a multi-tiered selling proposition for business that’s virtually impossible to dismiss:

A strategic location that offers land, infrastructure, affordability and opportunity.

Hesperia is located along both the I-15 and SR-395 highways, in the expanding High Desert region of Southern California. Framed by the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountain ranges, this gateway to the high desert features a temperate climate with clean air, abundant sunshine and large tracts of available land.… Read the full article

City Updates General

Is the Recession Over? It’s Beginning to Look Like It. Barstow City Update

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By Ron Rector
Community & Economic Development Director, City of Barstow

The city of Barstow is excited to see a renewed interest in the industrial, office, and retail sectors. It has been a long dry spell – for most. The city is experiencing several positive events throughout the community, which signals a positive uptick in the economy. As an example:

Two new national retailers, Dollar General and Family Dollar, have chosen Barstow to set up their business. Dollar General will operate out of a new 12,000 sq. ft. facility and Family Dollar will move into an existing 14,000 sq. ft. facility. Church’s Chicken is taking a location in the city to serve its famous chicken meals. A new Subway and Java Juice will open soon on Barstow Road and the I-15.… Read the full article

City Updates General

Town of Apple Valley City Update

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By Kathie Martin
Marketing and Public Affairs Officer

Apple Valley RDA Gets the Job Done

Apple Valley Commons, Jess Ranch Marketplace, Walmart Distribution Center, and more than 5600 jobs—these are just a few of the successes from the effective administration of Redevelopment Agency (RDA) dollars in the Town of Apple Valley.

Facing a chronic budget crisis, however, the State of California is questioning the benefits of RDAs and is threatening to dissolve them entirely. As a result, critical projects and job cultivators would come to a screeching halt if the ill-advised proposal comes to pass.

Concrete Results and Local Investment

Apple Valley has made wise use of this important financial resource. Since 2004, the Town has invested $55 million of RDA funds, generating $394 million in project expenditures by our development partners.… Read the full article

Economy General

Basis For Some Optimism?

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By Dr. Alfred J. Gobar
Chairman, Alfred Gobar Associates

Nationwide employment figures released the day this article is being written are a basis for optimism in terms of significantly improved economic trends. There are at least two reasons to defer a major party based on this news. One of these is that optimistic numbers are frequently revised. Another is that even if true, the numbers still imply considerable wait for our economy to get into full swing. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out recently, employment recovery from the recent recession is substantially slower than recovery from other recent recessions, many of which were fully recovered within three years of their onset, while we are still wallowing near the depths of the current dislocation.… Read the full article


Publisher’s Message

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I wish to welcome our current and future subscribers to the 48th edition of the Bradco High Desert Report, the only quarterly overview of the High Desert region, covering the northern portion of San Bernardino County and the Inland Empire.  We more specifically address economic issues affecting the cities of Adelanto, Barstow, Hesperia, Victorville, and the Town of Apple Valley.

As always, we wish to thank all our committed article suppliers and our newsletter sponsors for their continued commitment to our endeavor, and our attempt to find positive, factual and interesting information as it relates to the High Desert economy.

As I have said for the past few editions, I strongly believe that our world, our nation, and our state, the Inland Empire, and the High Desert region are currently challenged with a very serious financial crisis, a crisis that we have never seen before.… Read the full article